The reo bakpak


Our Vision - Our Hope

The reo bakpak Company's vision and hope is to ultimately create a "Giving Chain" - That some day in their future the children receiving the "bakpaks" today, will remember the gift of hope they were given through this program and strive to give the same gift of hope to others.

Honoring the reo bakpak Company's biggest supporters

We want to lend a helping hand  to parents who cannot afford to buy the essential items their children need to thrive in school.

Our goal is to support the teachers who find themselves using their own funds to buy the necessary items for their students.  Teachers spend an average of $900.00 per year out of their own money on school supplies.

Most importantly, we want to give a child something to be proud of the first day of school, knowing that their community cares enough to make a small difference in their lives!  

We are proud that our backpacks are not the generic/flimsy type that many organizations donate.  We know that all children want to make a statement and feel accepted by others.  The backpacks we provide for them are the same that we would buy for our own children without a company's logo!

Our Mission

To make a difference one "bakpak" at a time by providing every homeless child the tools they need to thrive in school!

Founded by Adrianna Reo, in 2009, The reo bakpak Company is a for profit organization  that partners up with nonprofit organizations that help the homeless children in the United States.  All of the profit goes directly to the children.   A letter of appreciation is sent by the nonprofit organization informing you that your gift has been received and that it is tax deductible.  

All donations are used to purchase brand new backpacks, school supplies, and the yearly scholarship.

Who can donate?

Included in each "bakpak":
4 note books
1 box of crayons or color pencils
1 pencil bag
4 pencils 
1 eraser
1 pencil sharpener
1 ruler 
2 glue sticks
2 red - blue - black pens

Why Backpacks?

the María Luisa Lara Scholarship

María Luisa Lara left an indelible mark in the lives of the people she met. She died in the spring of 1967; still her legacy lives on! She was a wife and a mother who loved to help the underprivileged. She lived her life planting seeds of generosity in our hearts. She was a humble woman who believed very strongly in family values. The church where her funeral was held overflowed with people.  Hundreds lined up outside the church for one last chance to pay their respects.  The María Luisa Scholarship is in honor of my grandmother, the woman I admire most.

Your $24.99 donation will empower homeless children with brand new backpacks filled with school supplies.  A portion of your donation will be applied to The María Luisa Lara Scholarship which is awarded to high school seniors who wish to further their education and will be attending college or a trade school in the fall and who have lived in shelters, foster homes or group homes throughout their life.

Giving homeless children the gift of education!


The reo bakpak Company