The reo bakpak


The reo Bakpak Company

P.O. BOX 686

Agoura Hills

CA 91376-0686

(818) 667-1283

Who can donate?

  • Companies
  • Churches
  • Individuals
  • Schools

​Frequently Asked Questions

​​You may give by mailing a check to the following address.

The reo Bakpak Company
P.O. BOX 686
Agoura Hills, CA 91376-0686

To learn or discuss other options email us at

contact us

A donation of $24.99 will provide a reo bakpak with school supplies to a homeless child.

Any donation amount is welcomed!

What happened to the online store?

Due to the nature of our business and the costs associated with the online store, the decision was made to remove the store. We understand the inconvenience and ask that donations be made by check.


Do I have to donate $24.99 or a multiple of that amount?

No, you can donate any amount. $24.99 is the cost of a reo bakpak filled with school supplies and is listed for your information. You can contribute any amount or if you would like to donate a reo bakpak you can donate the exact amount to cover the cost of one or more reo bakpaks.


My organization would like to fundraise, is there anything specific we need to do?

There isn't anything specific that you will need to do prior to your fundraising effort. We can discuss your fundraising efforts and any further volunteer opportunities via email reo@thereobakpak.comor by phone (818) 667-1283.


Can I volunteer to help fill the bakpaks?

​Although we currently do not have individual volunteer opportunities, we do offer opportunities to organizations. If your organization plans to provide a significant donation, please contact us at for further information.

​Can I donate directly to the Maria Luisa Lara Scholarship?
We appreciate your interest in supporting our scholarship. The funding of the scholarship is done through donations towards reo bakpaks. A portion of each donation is used to fund the scholarship. We are not able to receive donations directly to the scholarship.